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Emergence of AICEM

AICEM epitomises both a will and a belief – the will to advance the frontiers of development and the belief that education and training can have a multiplier effect on this process.

As the concern for economic development became all-pervasive after the Second World War, interest in entrepreneurship ceased to be a subject of merely academic romance. The primary focus was no more on abstract or theoretical conceptualisation; it now shifted to exploring practical measures to augment the supply of critical actors in the entrepreneurial process – persons possessing both competence and aptitude to initiate, nurse and expand industrial enterprises. Concomitantly, the belief in the efficacy of education and training to inculcate and develop entrepreneurial urges and capabilities also increased and programmes, directed specifically to this end, began to come to the fore.

Beginning of the 1980s
Result was that by the beginning of 1979
Develop and mount in 1970
‘Technician Scheme’, launched in 1969
State Level Institutions
National Level
International Level
AICEM trained Resource Persons