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Entrepreneurship Faculty

Danny Abramovich
Danny Abramovich arrives at AICEM with a rich background in teaching and in the business sector, with a specialty in Marketing. A graduate of Lyon Graduate School of Business in France, Danny worked for several years at IsraCard, Ltd, and then moved on to found Marketing 2 Go Ltd., a marketing consulting company that includes marketing consulting, marketing representation, and marketing training. Marketing 2 Go Ltd., primarily consults for the service industries. Danny is also currently a part-time partner for an advertising agency. Danny's teaching credentials are also impressive. He has been teaching since 1996 in several graduate and undergraduate programs in Israel, including the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzelia, the extension of The University of Manchester Business School in Israel, and in the extension of the University of Derby in Israel. Danny has been teaching in Marketing oriented subjects, and will continue to do so at AICEM, where he will be teaching New Venture Marketing and Global Marketing.

Eyal Benjamin
Eyal Benjamin is yet another natural entrepreneur. He has founded two companies, Kito Marcom, Ltd, a technological education company, and Freenet Communications, Ltd., an ISP. Eyal also served as CEO for both companies. After filling the position of VP of Marketing and Business Development for a Venture Capital Fund, Eyal moved on to establish a new software start-up which he developed during his studies at AICEM. Eyal graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Engineering, and has also completed one year of MBA studies at Bar-Ilan. Eyal expects to formulate the large amount of knowledge and experience he has acquired to an ordered methodology at AICEM. Furthermore, he would like to "fill in the gaps" of his knowledge in regards to the creation and management of new ventures. He feels that AICEM would be an ideal environment to achieve both goals, while still pursuing his career. Eyal thought, when his first start-up "crashed" that he would never do something on his own again. He soon discovered, however, that "once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur," and has been searching for ways to continue to create new ventures, which happened sooner than he thought. Eyal is the perfect example of the ideal AICEM entrepreneur; a new venture creator, who has gone through the good times and the bad. He feels that his "creative thinking" is his greatest hobby, an example of creating a career out of what you love. Eyal is looking to move on for a PhD in which he will be able to develop new methodologies in Entrepreneurship Research. Eyal feels that he can contribute a great amount of knowledge and experience to his fellow students, while also hoping that he can learn a great deal from them. Eyal has stated his studies at AICEM in 2002 and has been awarded the MEI degree on January 2005. Since 2003 he has been teaching several finance related entrepreneurship courses at AICEM and has established two more ventures.

Reto Callegari
Dr Reto Callegari is Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of ADVAL CIC (S) PTE, Ltd., a successful financial institution in Singapore, where he functions as an Angel Investor in a wide array of companies. Hailing from Switzerland and with an impressive resume of Banking Activities, Dr. Callegari, already quite an expert in Asian enterprises, decided to make that area of the world his home. Dr. Callegari worked at Credit Suisse in both Zurich and Geneva, and filled positions of great responsibility including acting as a member of the management team in directing expansion into Asia, serving on the board of ECOTEC, the Euro-China Organization for Technical and Economic Co-operation and holding the positions of Head of Private, Institutional Banking and Trading and Head of the International Department for Corporate Trade and Finance. He also served as Member of the Executive Committee, Chairman of Credit Suisse Investment Consulting Ltd. in Taiwan and as Member of the Executive Board and CEO in Asia Pacific. Prior to his work at the bank, Dr Callegari served on the National Research Council of Thailand as a Foreign Researcher. Today, at ADVAL in Singapore, Dr. Callegari directs investments in new ventures and offers consulting/management services for start-up companies and investors. He acts as an investment advisor and as a member of various Boards of Directors. The Chairman of the International Advisory Panel of Suntec Labs, he also served as a lecturer and mentor at a number of business seminars and universities in Asia, Europe and Israel. Dr. Callegari received his undergraduate degree at IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland, and graduated from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. He completed his Ph.D. work with Honors in Economic Geography at the University of Zurich. Now dedicated to lecturing at ISEMI on a regular basis, Dr. Callegari found us, and we him, in a very interesting way. While attending a Technopreneurship Conference in Singapore, sponsored by Swinborne University, Dr. Callegari met Professor Liora Katzenstein, who asked him to join the IAICEM team. The gain has been all ours.

Amos Eiran
Amos Eiran has been a major presence in the business, financial and political realm in Israel and the United States for more than 40 years. After decades in business, academia & government, Mr. Eiran turned his energies to serve on the board of a number of major companies in Israel & abroad. Mr. Eiran holds a BA from the American University in Washington, DC, an MA from Tel Aviv University, a Diploma in Business Administration from Harvard University and a Diploma from the Wharton Business School. Mr. Eiran served as president of Haifa University, and currently serves as a member of the Board of Governors of The Ben-Gurion University and of Netanya College . Mr. Eiran has held numerous appointments as a senior guest lecturer in major universities worldwide, where he dealt with world economic and financial issues. He often participates as an invited commentator on Israeli TV and radio, evaluating political and economic developments. Previously, Mr. Eiran held prominent government positions as the Director General of the Prime Minister’s office in Israel under Yitzhak Rabin and Chairman of the Government of Israel in the Industrial Cooperation Authority (RASHPAT). He also worked as a Counselor at the Israeli Embassy in Washington, DC. In the financial world, Mr. Eiran has served as the Director General and Chairman of the Board of Mivtahim Pension Funds, Israel’s largest pension fund, and a Director on the Board of Bank Hapoalim and Bank Mizrachi (UMTB). He is also one of the founders of XTL Bio Pharma, and a member of its Board. He also serves as the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania in Israel.

Shoshana Emmanuel
Ms. Shoshana Emmanuel specializes in teaching discourse analysis and literacy for academic purposes in English, Hebrew, and French. Her courses provide the students with the tools to analyze articles while identifying their structure, major arguments, and purpose. Ms. Emmanuel completed her studies for the M.A. in English and French at Tel Aviv University. She further studied in those departments at the University of Geneva, at the Goldman Institute for Business Communication in Geneva and at the Sorbonne University in Paris.

Michael Epstein
With a strong background in sciences including a B.Sc. in Chemistry, an M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry, a Ph.D. from the Weizman Institute in Biochemistry, and a post doctorate fellowship at Cornell University, Dr. Mike Epstein decided to augment his training with a formal entrepreneurship education . He came to study at ISEMI and was granted a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Since garnering his degree, Dr. Epstein has deepened his involvement with the institution and now acts as the Program Director of the master degree studies as well as a lecturer on a number of topics. Prof. Epstein has amassed a great deal of experience "in the real world", as well. He served as a visiting scientist at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. USA, and was appointed Senior Scientist at Rogoff-Welcome Research Institute at the Beilinson Hospital. Interested in combining his science know-how with business, Dr. Epstein moved to Isolab, Inc, a medical and agricultural diagnostics company of 100 employees in Akron Ohio, where he was a member of the management team in charge of business development. Returning to Israel, he was named Deputy Head of a Holding Group in charge of Biotech for Ampal, American Israel Corporation, where he also served as a board member of subsidiaries and CEO of Tayco Diagnostics and Pharma Clal and increased sales by 35% and profit by 25%, despite an overall drop in the industry over the same period. Dr. Epstein was also involved in health care institutes as co-founder, partner and CEO of Libit Cardiac Health Institutes, Ltd., and CEO of Hilla Dental Health Institutes, Ltd. At Hilla, Dr. Epstein took a twelve million dollar business of 12 dental clinics with a long record of losses, and turned it into a profitable business. Prof. Epstein struck out on his own and founded "Machshava", a hi tech business consulting firm which dealt mostly with companies in the field of biotech, and consulted on the many business and professional aspects of the field. Prof. Epstein is presently involved in BioTargeting Ltd. and D4all Ltd. as the cofounding entrepreneur and CEO. The former is a startup company dealing with novel X-ray and ultrasound imaging, while the latter is a startup concerned with internet trading. Prof. Epstein also has his hands in real estate with the Chen Hasharon project - a self-owned project of 42 town houses for which Prof. Epstein has full responsibility.