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Our Goal

No other time than now does Africa need a revitalized institutional framework for the development of entrepreneurial and basic business skills that will turn out emerging entrepreneurs and dynamic Owner/managers as quickly as possible hence our choice to be the tool as well as the platform  for this objective.

The AICEM by providing first rate services through professionally relevant and effectively delivered programmes would encourage   appropriate entrepreneurial attitude and mindset   for individual members through the following.

  • Provision of technical and professional skills for both emerging and existing entrepreneurs
  • Breeding better educated, more courageous and vibrant entrepreneurs
  • Evolving a reliable databank and information service system for resourceful operation of the small scale enterprises
  • Breeding knowledge-driven SME start-ups
  • Facilitation of stronger cooperation between owner-manager and his stakeholders such as banks, insurance institutions, shippers government agencies etc
  • Facilitation of greater involvement in the promotion of international business with high level of competitiveness at the local market level
  • Provision of opportunity for students to be active  participants in Wealth creation through school to work programmes.
  • Empowerment and support on continuous basis to teachers and Instructors of entrepreneurship education in both senior . secondary school and tertiary institutions via specially packaged trainings, meetings exhibitions, industrial exposures another platforms.