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Vision & Mission

To be a leading knowledge and professionalism source to SME/Owner managers, Micro Finance and Educational Institutions as Well as other stakeholders taking entrepreneurship and wealth creation as priorities.

To accelerate entrepreneurship education at all levels of human life through consistent development and sustenance of structure, processes, procedures, standards, ethics and career expos that will lead to Wealth creation and self reliance through a new crop of knowledge-driven SME Owner/managers.

We offer practice-based degree programmes at university level which follow on from basic vocational training.

The degree programmes lead to a Bachelor of Science AICEM. We also offer consecutive Master’s degrees, post-graduate training and continuing vocational education. We are contracted to run education programmes on upper secondary level and tertiary B level.   

We carry out applied research & development projects and integrate the results into the courses.  We provide services to third parties and establish and maintain relationships with professional bodies.
We promote the transfer of know-how and technologies, contribute to the enhancement of knowledge and promote its use for the benefit of students and society. In this sense, we also support the creation of new businesses.   

Our interdisciplinary approach promotes innovation and creativity.
We carry out our missions and thus contribute to the sustainable social, environmental and cultural development of the Valais. We share values such as respect and equality.  

We are committed to promoting bilingualism (French/German) as a value-added benefit for our students and staff.  We also offer degree programmes in English in order to satisfy the market requirements and to improve the employability of our students.  

Our strategy is based on the following 7 priorities :
•    We are attractive for our clients.
•    We offer project and market oriented education that enhances student employability.
•    We have personal relationships with our clients.
•    We make the AICEM a leading centre of education, research and interdisciplinary exchange.
•    We are active and recognised locally, nationally and internationally.
•    We are innovative in education and research.
•    We place sustainable development in the centre of our activities.