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Iman R. Kassis
Ms. Kassis has a B.A. in Economics and Accounting (Auditing) from Haifa University, as well as an Education Certificate in Accounting and Business Administration from WIZO-Canada College. She has held a number of positions in teaching, accounting and management, and now has a very busy life, dividing her time between the public and private sectors. Iman`s education also includes teaching economics, accounting and management at Rama High School (where she introduced the subject of management), lecturing and preparing school programs in entrepreneurship at the Jewish Arab Center for Economic Development, managing a private institute of complementary and professional studies, and giving private lessons in her field. She also acts as a consultant to small businesses and (on a voluntary basis) to non- profit organizations, particularly those that deal with women's issues and progress, mainly in the Israeli Arab sector.    

Her interests in women's affairs have extended to participation in several professional conferences such as “Women Against Violence” in Nazareth, and Mediterranean Businesswomen's “Network Workshop” in Cyprus, where she represented Arab Israeli women.

Iman is extremely hardworking and dedicated to increasing her knowledge of her field. Apart from taking several courses in related areas (income tax studies, accounting software, entrepreneurship, NGO management etc.), she is a member of the International Library of Business, and reads widely and intensively on topics such as management, international business administration, marketing and sales promotion and so on. Yet she also finds time to listen to classical music, play the guitar, read poetry, and be active in several non-for-profit organizations.

Carsten Klocke

Carsten Klocke comes from a family of entrepreneurs in his native Germany, and he knew from a young age that this was the direction he would take as well. Soon after leaving school, he worked for the Prodata GmbH in Karlsruhe, in the field of Marketing and Databases, gaining hands-on experience of the business. In 1995 he began formal studies in Business and Administration at the University Business School of Pforzheim, Germany, specializing in Marketing. In the meantime, he spent a year at theUniversita Degli Studi Di Ancona in Italy, studying for the European Business Certificate with a scholarship from the European Community.

When Carsten heard about AICEM, he was attracted by the practical nature of the program, as well as its Israeli environment. Apart from sports of various kinds, his great love is traveling, and ISEMI offers him the chance to acquire a business education rooted in the real needs of real businesses, while working with Israeli students on projects of relevance in the world of international business, where Carsten sees his future.During his studies at AICEM, Carsten was introduced to the many start-ups of his fellow students.  He chose to invest in comITcom, an e-commerce company of which he became the Managing Director for Europe.
Nadav Kenneth

At first sight, the Israel Defense Forces may not seem a natural breeding ground for entrepreneurs, but after 22 years service in the Intelligence Corps, Nadav Kenneth has amassed a wealth of experience in initiating and managing large-scale and long-term activities and projects, and is eager to employ his skills in the civilian world. As a modern army, the IDF is highly reliant on new technologies, and Nadav's career has been solidly based in technology-intensive activities. He began as a programmer, analyst and section head in a real-time computing lab, which led to a two year stint as part of a development team at GTE in California. On his return to Israel he obtained a BA in Social Sciences and moved into the second phase of his army career, as head of a strategic planning division. In this role Nadav had overall control of planning and management activities and projects. He gained first hand experience of analyzing a technological environment in order to identify strengths, threats and optimal solutions, for typically long-term projects with budgets of millions of dollars.    

In his last Army role, Nadav was Commanding Officer of an operational center with a staff of 200, with responsibility for the design, operational research and assimilation of large, technology-intensive systems. In this function, he found that technological planning and analysis must be accompanied by a strong element of marketing when new computing strategies are introduced into non-computerized environments. Again, the projects he managed were long-term and high budget efforts. During this phase, Nadav also started looking at opportunities outside the army, and on a voluntary basis has been acting as informal consultant to a high-tech start up company. At that time the company had only a technical idea and a demo model. Nadav helped to define product, target market and positioning; to plan company structure and construct its business plan. Nadav became the CEO of the Israeli arm of this company, Maximal Innovative Intelligence, Inc.,  Which was sold to Microsoft® in 2001 for $US 40,000,000.