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An Interview with Our Chief Mentor

Sir, Who is an entrepreneur?
An entrepreneur is one earns his living by providing services directly to the customers.
An entrepreneur is one who runs a business for his living and in the
process provides employment opportunities to the society.
In more solemn way, he is who creates value by solving a problem for a section of the market on a consistent basis and in the process makes himself a living as per his lifestyle.

What is an entrepreneur's psychology?

He is generally passionate about something  that will give him something
that he badly needs – generally money, fame, power or kick of building an organization and legacy –in rare cases  a drive to live upto his potential – he is a person comfortable with higher risk.
He loves freedom.

Entrepreneurship is it an art or science?
Entrepreneurship is an art and science – science can make you a
successful business man but art will make you a great businessman.

 Is it being logical or illogical?
It is probably 20 pc illogical and 80 pc logical. Illogical because you are generally trying to create a new path that others can’t see or believe exists. After that illogical decision, it is a logical effort to make it happen.

What is the qualification needed to be an entrepreneur?
Fire in the belly. Passion in the heart with some toppings of Intelligence.

Why entrepreneurship is the need of the hour?
Economically, it is like adding multiple engines to a train. One person when he decides to be an entrepreneur,

1. He gives way to somebody else to take place in the work-force
2. He creates more work opportunities through his enterprise.

The more people do this, the faster the economy grows as there is that much less burden on the government.
Second, there are a whole lot of opportunities in the market today. If you don’t take advantage of those opportunities, tomorrow your children or grandchildren are going to look back and say – if only my grandfather had started off something then.
Third, it gives you freedom to explore your ideas.
Fourth,  your fortunes can change with every decision you make – and if you make a great decision, you could be an extremely successful businessman in a day.

Can it be considered as a career or vocational?
Entrepreneurship is a career that most enterprising people end up with.

What is the scope of being an entrepreneur?
You can earn money everyday.
You can earn how much ever you want everyday
You can do what you enjoy doing everyday.

Why aren't we introduced to entrepreneurship as a career path?
Our education system has been designed on the lines of the colonial powers. They wanted lots of people to work for their government – so the education system is set in that way.

Is entrepreneurship only confined to rich people?
No-you have enough rags to riches story. But as a rule it would be easier to be an entrepreneur  if you have some money.

Is entrepreneurship only to do with risk taking?

Risk taking is only part of the story. Passion, discipline, perseverance, skill are equally important.

What are benefits and drawbacks of being an entrepreneur?

1. You can get rich, make an empire, create a legacy

1. It keeps you on your toes.

Are some professionals by default entrepreneurs, even without knowing it?
A professional who is enterprising – good at decision making, ambiguity handling, risk taking, monitoring –in short a crisis manager is generally an entrepreneur.

Is business and entrepreneurship same?

Is MBA and entrepreneurship same?
MBA is about management and Entrepreneurship is about running a business. One entrepreneur may have two or more MBAs working for him.

Why is entrepreneurship coming up so much these days?
Across the globe, economy is down. So people are trying to be

Another trend that is happening is that more and more people want to
be their own boss.

Why not learn entrepreneurship as a training program for 2 days?

A 2 days training program will/may give you lots of information but it
will not build the discipline and focus. For the same reason, we have specially designed one year entrepreneurship program.

What makes AICEM unique?
At AICEM, courses are developed and delivered by the Entrepreneur for the Entrepreneurs. IIEMT is focused on developing the entrepreneurial mindset besides the management and technical skills.
-Style of  teaching.

How important is the one year mentorship?
Once you start doing business-real time situations  will throw various challenges. Mentorship will help see the challenges though smoothly.

Why making of entrepreneurial eco-system so important?
An entrepreneurial ecosystem improves the success rate of entrepreneurs.
There are venture funds, idea factories, compliance advisors and whole lot of veteran businessman who share their success stories.
You might have a great stadium
You might have fantastic equipment
You might have great talent
You might have a brilliant attitude.
You might hear great success stories
You still won't become a Tendulkar until somebody puts it together right proportions.