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How to Engage with Stakeholders on Complex Issues?

Join us on March 9th at 3 – 5 pm (CET) for a webinar to discuss how organizations can engage stakeholders on complex issues such as climate change.Live from Lugano, Switzerland, keynote speaker Edward Andersson, will present Deliberative Engagement techniques as a way to engage stakeholders. A panel of researchers will present the results of the SME-DE project funded by the European Commission under the LLP Erasmus Program. They will discuss how organizations can best engage small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) on shaping policy and generating solutions on climate change, by using collaborative methods such as Deliberative Engagement. English will be the working language of the webinar and both speaker and researchers will answer any questions you may have.On the same day we will also share the Deliberative Engagement Best Practice Guide, the Executive Education Program outlines, as well as the Final Synthesis Report of the Case Studies done in UK, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia and Denmark.

Entrepreneurship Education As A Pathway To Development And National Reputation
Protocols, I welcome you all.

Today, Nigeria has a leadership that gives hope but for the hope to become a reality, we all need to work with the leadership as followers.

For entrepreneurship educators, there is urgent need to see ourselves as the new army of liberation from ignorance, poverty and economic slavery.

If we are able to turn out a good number of professional entrepreneurs who can create enterprises with zero or little resources and grow small to big with integrity and development, we shall then have a self-reliant nation of self-reliant citizens.

To achieve our tall order, we must continue with self-development by attending fora  and platforms of relevance such as this of today and tomorrow.  We must belong to change agents such as this Institute of Entrepreneurs, Nigeria.

We must also build oasis of change with which we can build a synergy that will usher in an internally built economy of global reckoning.

You are here to rekit in order to feed your “sheep” with intellectual “grass”.  Let me leave you with your organizers to enjoy your day.

Thank you.