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Our Courses

During the studies, friendship and camaraderie develops between the students and the professors which, in their respective homelands, would be a rarity.

A unique course of AICEM - Entrepreneurship education center, teaching aspiring entrepreneurs to put on the hat of the critic by performing a due diligence like structured evaluation process to their ideas and ventures.

By applying this methodology, beginning entrepreneurs can escape the statistics of 90% failure rate of new ventures and turn it to the 87% success rate, enjoyed by the graduates of its Alma Mater, Swinbourne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.

This "quick and dirty" evaluation process enables an initial go/no go decision and saves both the entrepreneurs and the investors considerable resources of time and money.

The cornerstone course of AICEM for the last decade, which has resulted in several successful exits on a worldwide scale.

The course is intended for entrepreneurs with substantial technical knowledge and know-how, that can be translated into the required IP that will merit a subsequent investment.

This course offers a practical tool-box for establishing and managing high - tech start up companies, over and above the necessary basic disciplinary knowledge, such as: new venture marketing, raising funds for high-tech start-ups, new venture finance, strategy for technology based companies, etc.
This course is constructed as a Joint-Venture Between AICEM, The Israeli Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and, in turn, one of the "Big four" Accounting Companies (Delloitte, E&Y, PWC, KPMG), combined with a Leading International Law Firm (Dealing with Start-Ups, Investments and IPOs) etc.

Over six months, the students work on their own ventures, prepare business plans and present their ideas to angels and venture capitalists.

Among the graduates of the course: Maximal (sold to Microsoft), Biondvax (went public on TASE), etc.

Ebay is the most powerful international e-commerce platform, especially useful for striving entrepreneurs.

In this course we assist budding entrepreneurs to establish their businesses on Ebay.

The course covers everything from strategy to technicalities with considerable exercises and examples.

A joint venture between AICEM – Entrepreneurship Education and I learn – The Israeli center for electronic commerce.

A highly successful practical seminar with experienced "China hands": such as: Amos Yudan, the president of Israel – China chamber of commerce, David Zion - the former Israeli military attaché in China, Oranit Avidar - the former Israeli economic attaché in Hong-Kong and currently a partner in China-Israel Venture Capital Fund, Yarden Zilber, managing director of "Shang enterprises", an expert in sourcing goods from China, advocate Yoav Sade – an expert in negotiating with chineese, Yacov Pedhatzur, an expert in agricultural transactions between Israel and China.

The hundreds of participants who took part in this course over the years have stated that they gained considerable practical knowledge and advise that enabled them to expand their business in China.

This course is combined with hands-on activities for the establishment of small businesses.

Besides studying the basics of venture creation such as new venture finance, new venture marketing, funds raising for start ups, leadership and negotiation skills, students receive numerous hours of guidance in the development of their business plan.

Special attention is given to issues of cross cultural communications.

A unique joint venture between ISEMI - Entrepreneurship education center, and the Israeli center for internet marketing headed by David Fridman.

In this 60 hours course, we start from reviewing the history of the internet and work with our students online to improve their websites "look and feel" in order to increase traffic and thereby business transactions.

A special emphasis is given to using search engines such as "google" and learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

An introductory one day seminar focusing on strategic issues relevant to internet marketing.

The seminar includes topics such as: the methodology and technicalities of correct writing for the internet, increasing websites traffic, search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).
During this seminar we meet several of the graduates of ISEMI - Entrepreneurship education center who have established successful internet ventures.

A successful cooperation between AICEM - Entrepreneurship education center and MG Equity partners, an investment bank specializing in fund raising for new ventures.

A three months course that deals in depth with what do investors look for in new ventures, the due diligence process, founder / investor agreements, term sheets, VC rounds, valuations, etc.

All participants are encouraged to present their business plans to angels, venture capitalists, investment bankers and serial entrepreneurs from AICEM's faculty.

A special course dedicated for people with background in the life sciences and biotechnology.

Course topics include: regulatory affairs, the life cycle of a biotechnology venture, business management for biotechnology start ups, raising funds for biotechnology new ventures.

Special attention is given to "Start Up Knowledge", specifically designed for biotech entrepreneurs.

AICEM has developed special know-how in the areas of bio-technology and medical equipment, which resulted in several successful companies in this areas (Biondvax, ATI, etc.).


Creating New Business Opportunities & Partnership Opportunities for Palestinian & Israeli High-Tech Entrepreneurs in the fields of IT, Internet & Biotechnology

AICEM College of Entrepreneurship & Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

AICEM College, in cooperation with the Israeli-Palestinian Chamber of Commerce continues to promote Palestinian-Israeli cooperation through a get together of businessmen from both nations engaged in a variety of high-tech industry sectors.

At the seminar, entrepreneurs, investors and technologists from Israel and from the Palestinian Authority Territories will meet in order to promote cooperation and introduce new and exciting business opportunities.

12:00 - 12:30 - Gathering and registration
12:30-13:30 – Lunch and networking.
13:30-13:40 - Opening Remarks: "Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation"
Mr. Avi Nudelman,CEO, Israeli - Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
13:40-13:50 – Prof. Liora Katzenstein, ISEMI president: “Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation as a leverage for peace”
13:50-14:45 – The High-Tech industry in Palestine, examples of cooperation with the Israeli side:
- Mr. Tareq Maayah, CEO, Exalt Technologies.
- Mr. Murad Tahboub, CEO, Asal Technologies.
14:45-15:00 – Mercy Corps' ICT business development program and salary subsidy scheme- Tova Scherr, Program Officer.
15:00-15:30 – Q&A with the Palestinian Entrepreneurs.
15:30-16:00 – Coffee Break and Networking.
16:00-16:25 - Initiatives in High Technology
Yadin Kaufman, Co-Managing Director, Veritas Venture Capital Fund, and Co-Founder of the Middle-East Venture Capital Fund (Being raised to make investments in Palestinian IT companies).
16:25-17:05 – Example for Israeli-Palestinian cooperation in High-Technology:
- Gai Hetzroni, Cisco representative for joint Israeli-Palestinian projects,
- Jonatan Levi, CEO, NUVOTON company, cooperating with ASAL.
17:05-17:35 – Q&A with the Israeli representatives.
17:35-17:50 – Concluding remarks from Israeli - Palestinian Chamber of Commerce and Industry