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Serial Entrepreneurs

Dr. Eyal Benjamin

Eyal Benjamin is yet another natural entrepreneur. He has founded two companies, Kito Marcom, Ltd, a technological education company, and Freenet Communications, Ltd., an ISP. Eyal also served as CEO for both companies. After filling the position of VP of Marketing and Business Development for a Venture Capital Fund, Eyal moved on to establish a new software start-up which he developed during his studies at AICEM.  
Eyal graduated from Tel Aviv University with a degree in Engineering, and has also completed one year of MBA studies at Bar-Ilan. Eyal expects to formulate the large amount of knowledge and experience he has acquired to an ordered methodology at AICEM. Furthermore, he would like to "fill in the gaps" of his knowledge in regards to the creation and management of new ventures. He feels that AICEM would be an ideal environment to achieve both goals, while still pursuing his career.

Eyal thought, when his first start-up "crashed" that he would never do something on his own again. He soon discovered, however, that "once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur," and has been searching for ways to continue to create new ventures, which happened sooner than he thought.

Eyal is the perfect example of the ideal AICEM entrepreneur; a new venture creator, who has gone through the good times and the bad. He feels that his "creative thinking" is his greatest hobby, an example of creating a career out of what you love. Eyal is looking to move on for a PhD in which he will be able to develop new methodologies in Entrepreneurship Research.

With this background, Eyal contributed a great amount of knowledge and experience to his fellow students, while also learning a great deal from them.
Eyal has stated his studies at AICEM in 2002 and has been awarded the MEI degree on January 2005. Since 2003 he has been teaching several finance related entrepreneurship courses at AICEM and has established two more ventures.

Eyal was awarded a PhD in Entrepreneurship from Swinbourne University of Technology in 2007, and since then teaches entrepreneurship in various academic institutions. In 2011 he was nominated head of entrepreneurship department at the academic college Tel Aviv Yafo.    

Amir Nehemia

Amir Nehemia has always been an entrepreneur, even before starting his own company some six years ago. Wherever he worked he introduced new ideas, such as the technique for personalized printing he developed at Indigo, which the company patented. Amir has a B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Ben Gurion University, but he also sees himself as an autodidact, who has taught himself a number of subjects.
Amir’s own company, Silentium, is based on a patented process for active noise control registered in his name. Establishing the company was a major step, not only because the technology was new, but also because several other companies had tried to enter this field and failed. Amir therefore has real life experience of raising capital, writing business plans, organizing beta site testing in leading multinationals, managing people, and above all, transforming visions into reality. He will undoubtedly be a valuable source of information for his fellow students.

But like any entrepreneur, Amir does not wish to rest on his laurels. Looking further into the future, he envisages establishing another company which will make a contribution to mankind (as well as making money).

At AICEM, he is looking forward to learning more about working as part of a team, as well as expanding his overall knowledge of starting and running a business.     

Arnon Epstein

Arnon dreams of being successful and making a lot of money. Despite a successful career in the world of marketing and business development, he believes the real money is to be made in entrepreneurship.
After serving in the Israeli Army as a Captain in the Intelligence Corps in 1994, Arnon founded and managed Machshava, a company specializing in translations, technical writing and office services. Two years later, Arnon accepted a position as the Assistant Brand Manager at Baby Care Near East where he was responsible for the brands in Israel as well as leadership of regional projects.

Arnon’s subsequent employment took him to Geneva in 1999 to become the Assistant Brand Manager at The Procter and Gamble Company. Here Arnon was responsible for the Bold/Dash laundry detergent, P & G’s second tier laundry brand after Ariel. Two years later, Arnon returned to Israel and was employed by Comverse as the Business Development Director for Corporate New Business.Arnon’s next professional position was with Radiancy, where he was responsible for state of the art cosmetic devices. Arnon next tried something new by moving into International Tourist Attractions, specializing in the development of mass-audience tourist attractions.

Despite all of his professional success, Arnon gave all this up to concentrate on several different projects, such as; aiming to establish a start-up operation and working in the field of content management for network operators (for which he already has a patent application) and crating a health food brand.