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Awareness Programme on Entrepreneurship


2- Day Seminar (Train- The –Trainers) & Awareness Programme on Entrepreneurship
This is to inform your esteemed office that our Institute wishes to partner with you on Entrepreneurship Education being a priority of the Federal Government for all tertiary institutions.

The Institute of Entrepreneurs has the statutory mandate of researching, teaching and moderating the body of knowledge combining Entrepreneurship and SME development/Management.

Our team of 3 shall be with you for 2 days as deemed fit by you for train-the-trainers orientation workshop and awareness programme for lecturers of Entrepreneurship/SME development.

The arrangement is usually as follows:

•     The school arranges venue and refreshment for participants.
•     The school arranges print outs from our soft copies or photocopies from our originals.
•     Hotel accommodation for 2 nights for 3 institute’s officials shall be arranged by your school.
•     Flight tickets for to and fro Lagos for 3 Institute’s officials shall be provided by your school. (N180, 000).
•     Institute of entrepreneurs charges N200, 000 subsidized rate per day for the 2 days totaling N400,000 as against N500,000.00 per day for Local, State, or Federal Government Agencies.

The programme gives your school unlimited access to the following among others:

•     In-depth hands-on global practice in adult learning-teaching modalities and appropriate vocational exposure pathways.
•     Free professional advisory services on all areas of entrepreneurship education and SME development.
•     Follow-up guidance and counseling
•     Joint-design of incubations and on-the-campus models.
•     Information and facilitation on international entrepreneurship programmes.
•     Membership of the Institute.
•     Measurement and Evaluation Techniques for Entrepreneurship Education.
•     Environmentally relevant case-studies.

Please kindly go ahead with your suggestion of 2 alternative dates for us to run the programme if you agree with the terms.

Interested would-be members could have opportunity for instant induction upon payment of membership registration fee and annual due for 2015 during the course of the programme.

Thank you for your keen interest as we look forward to having a mutually beneficial relationship with your esteemed school.
Yours faithfully,

•    " The Institute is equipped to school and assess anyone who determines to undergo a study in entrepreneurship and business skills for various levels of our membership. "

•    " For aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, the institute runs continually, a Work improvement training programme facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs "

•    " Consultancy services are provided to help entrepreneur and leaders in SME organization define, communicate and make positive transformation with mindful change "