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School of Management & Tourism

Located in Sierre, the School of Management & Tourism offers three degree programmes: Tourism, Business Administration and Business Information Technology.

Based in the heart of a tourist region, the Tourism degree programme is the only trilingual (French, German and English) one offered in Switzerland. It covers marketing, events, hospitality, online sales, the creation of tourism products and many other optional subjects.

With close connections to the commercial world, the Business Administration degree programme, offered full-time or while working, promotes exchanges with teaching staff who are actively involved in businesses and/or research institutes. The fundamental business and management topics (financial management, taxation and law, management and human resources, marketing, economics, languages and communication) all form part of this course that is strongly oriented towards practice.

The multidisciplinary studies of the Business Information Technology degree programme develop the skills needed for business information systems, which integrate information technology with business management.

The School of Management & Tourism is involved with three institutes whose activities are directly relevant to the courses it offers, since all the teaching staff at the School also undertake research: the Institute of Tourism, the Institute of Entrepreneurship & Management and the Institute of Information Systems.

The School of Management & Tourism offers three degree programmes:
•    Business Information Technology, which trains professionals whose task will be to analyse and use an evergrowing body of information.
•    Business Administration, which trains specialists in the modern economy.
•    Tourism, a course with over 30 years’ experience offering studies in French, English and German.