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Services Portfolio

Professional Entrepreneurs membership and certification.
The institute is equipped to accommodate school or anyone who determines to undergo a study in entrepreneurship and business skills for various levels of our membership.

We handle Continuous Entrepreneurship Education Via workshops,  seminars, trainings and orientations. We have relationship with a good number of SMEs for mentoring projects.
For aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, the institute runs continually, a Work improvement training programme facilitated by experienced entrepreneurs.
Collegiate Entrepreneurship
The institute informs, supports and inspires students to be entrepreneurs and seeks opportunities. Institutions running structured courses in entrepreneurship enjoy greater accessibility for their students. Institution can borrow semester courses in
entrepreneurship for any level  at undergraduate and post-graduate levels from the array of courses designed by the institute in compliance with educational regulators’ curricular.

The institute promotes access and fora that gives opportunities of funding to start-up and existing enterprises of all categories.

Consultancy services are provided to help entrepreneurs and leaders in AICEM organizations define, communicate and make positive transformation with mindful change and inspired livelihood.
The institute partners with institutions in designing structure, developing methodology of teaching, practice, measurement and evaluation as well as start-up linkages.